One of the unwritten rules of Loop Head is “work to live, don’t live to work”! So spend less time in the car and more time with your family or doing activities you enjoy, have more money in your pocket and a less stressful work environment; all make for a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

In a town where the daily commute is shorter than the length of the beach, where a 10 minute cycle puts you at the edge of the continent and the next parish west is Boston. All this, and hi speed fiber broadband and a cutting edge shared work space that is 5 minutes from everywhere makes Kilkee a natural choice to live and work.



  • The Elliott Centre provided my group with a quality space for both lecturing and for working on exercises during our field course. It was very nice to have a secured space we could use at our convenience when the weather was poor, and leave our materials in when we went outside to look at rocks.


  • Having lead geoscience classes in West Clare for over 30 years, this secure, modern, hi tech facility is a gamechanger, the perfect venue to deliver my industry field classes.


  • A bright, quiet and airy space, with superfast wifi and the all important canteen, this new centre is key to my ability to move back to Kilkee to live and work

    EDDIE L.

  • This great new space means i can now work from Kilkee on Fridays and Mondays making every weekend a long weekend 🙂

    ANNE O’M.

  • This new hub, with excellent broadband connectivity, allows me to work remotely with confidence from Kilkee. I can now spend longer periods here, significantly improving my work/life balance, ensuring a happier me… 🙂



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